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Patriarchal Blessing's of George Spilsbury

Patriarchal Blessing of George Spilsbury

Brother Spilsbury, I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, and place and seal a blessing upon you consonant with your lineage and rights of lineage, priesthood and rights of priesthood. Behold I say unto you, George, thou art of the lineage of Jacob, through the loins of Levi, and in this lineage there is a right inherent to the priesthood, and to an inheritance according to the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and in this lineage, are your blessings, to be administered according to the prophetic visions of your fathers, even spiritually and temporally. Nevertheless, you are in the days of your youth, and the fulfillment of the everlasting covenant, and the blessing of your inheritance, you do not understand, nor comprehend, neither the time nor the season nor the day thereof, but if your faith fail not, the day cometh when you shall know these things, and the times and seasons thereof, and your responsibilities as also the requisitions of heaven, wherein you and your house may be called upon to answer and give an account of your stewardship where you are called to serve, that your house may be saved, and that your posterity may have claim upon God, and the powers of His administrations, and again the day cometh when you shall receive a blessing in your administration, and in the exercise of your gifts and calling, wherewith you shall be called, and your testimony shall be right and pleasing, and attended with prosperity and you shall go and come and learn wisdom, and again, notwithstanding there are tribulations, you shall be blessed in your house and habitation and in your possessions, and tenements, and your name shall be perpetuated from generation to generation, and written in the chronicles of your brethren, and handed down as a memorial, with the blessings of the priesthood , and in your posterity, unto the latest generation. And if you are faithful, you shall see the coming of the Son of Man. These blessings I seal upon your head, evenso, Amen.

Nauvoo, 19, Nov. 1843.

A Patriarchal Blessing by Hyrum Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of George Spilsbury, son of Joseph and Hannah Haden Spilsbury, born in the Parish of Leigh, England, 21st of April, 1823.

(copied from typed copy included in biography of George Spilsbury in possession of Frankie Estelle Spilsbury Harris)

(L.D.S. Church Historian’s Office, Patriarchal Blessings, Vol. 41, Page 19)

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